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North Cornwall Guided Cycle Tours

We provide leisurely bicycle tours following tried-&-tested scenic routes. Guided, supported and fully catered. Just pedal and enjoy the view.

Bicycles – We have both male and female bikes in a variety of sizes. Both are equipped with the latest Shimano gearing. Bikes undergo a rigorous 10 point safety check prior to use. We check things like brakes, gear alignment and tyre pressure to ensure the bikes are faultless and safe to ride.

Kit & accessories – We also provide helmets and hi-vis strips. Whilst our routes generally have a low traffic flow, we think it makes sense to be visible and to protect your noggin just in case.

Breakfast – We don’t think it would be right to just throw some energy bars at you, we want the food on our tours to be as memorable as the scenic views, so we offer you the choice of either Cornish bacon sandwiches or fresh fruit and honey granola plus a drink of your choice at breakfast.

Along the way – This is more than just pedalling, we provide a top notch lunch at selected locations en route to ensure you’re not riding on empty.

More information about our routes and how to book is available at

We look forward to cycling with you soon!