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Poldark Series 5, episode 4 aired last night (4th August 2019) on the BBC in the UK. We were certainly spoilt with the spectacular Cornish destinations shown in this week’s episode.

This blog post explains where the Cornwall filming locations can be found. If you are planning a trip to Cornwall soon then this will help you find these locations, and don’t worry if you have not seen this episode yet as there are no spoilers.

Here we go and with links to download our free maps showing the different locations…

  • The stunning filming location of Holywell Bay features in the scene where Cecily Hanson and Geoffrey Charles visit the cave together. This dramatic coastal scene is a popular filming location helped by the iconic twin islets in the sea which are known locally as Carter’s Rocks or Gull Rocks. For a free map showing Holywell Bay and how to get there click here.

Holywell Bay

The sand dunes at Holywell Bay where Cecily Hanson talks with Geoffery Charles 
  • Nampara Cottage, the home of Ross, Demelza and their children features as we see a shot of the outside of the cottage at nighttime. There are also a couple more exterior shots of the cottage later on in the episode. Note the interior shots at Nampara were filmed at the Bottleyard Studio in Bristol. For more information about the local area near the building used as Nampara click here
  • The next Cornish destination wowing the audience is the wonderful sight of the stacks in the turquoise sea at Kynance Cove. This idyllic location on the west side of the Lizard is breathtaking. For more information and a free map of the area click here
  • Morwenna invites more children in to her home at the Cornish filming location of Penberth Cove, which features as the village of Sawle on screen. In fact, Penberth Cove features a few times in this episode as we follow Morwenna on her travels, Demelza also visits Morwenna and Drake’s home. We see Sam Carne talking to Rosina Hoblyn on the slipway and there is also the lovely shot of Morwenna using the stepping stones at Penberth Cove to cross the river with Sam close behind her. Later on in the episode we also see Ross attend Penberth to collect Valentine. More information about Penberth Cove including a free map can be found here.
Sawle Village - Real name Penberth Covee
Looking inland at Penberth Cove – The building on the left is used as Morwenna & Drake’s home.
  • A meeting of miners takes place at Botallack. The set designer did a wonderful job of dressing this historic engine house with new buildings and plenty of props. More information about this spectacular clifftop location can be found here.
  • The sandy beach of Holywell Bay features again with the scene where Geoffrey Charles and Cecily Hanson talk in the sand dunes. For a free map showing Holywell Bay and how to get there click here.
  • Charlestown Harbour in St Austell Bay is the Cornish filming location for the scene where Ralph Hanson meets with Tess Tregidden. Ross Poldark also discusses matters with his Bank Manager on the harbour walls before meeting Ralph Hanson. On screen, the harbour is the backdrop for Truro. For a free map showing Charlestown and the surrounding area click here.

Charlestown Harbour, the film location used as Truro Docks
  • The coast path at Gwennap Head and Porthgwarra features where Ross Poldark rides his horse along the clifftop and sees Valentine. To find the coast path and the best places to park in this area please click here 
  • The dramatic coastal view of Bedruthan Steps and the stacks in the Atlantic Ocean are shown as Demelza rides on horseback along the clifftop. Please click here to see a map showing this location which is certainly worth a visit. 

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That’s it for Episode 4. For more information on the filming locations used in the previous Series click the following link – Series 4