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Poldark Series 5, episode 7 aired last night (25th August 2019) on the BBC in the UK. This fast-moving, action-packed and very emotional penultimate episode centred around events in both London and Cornwall. Find out more below about the wonderful Cornish destinations shown in this week’s episode.

This blog post explains where the Cornwall filming locations can be found. If you are planning a trip to Cornwall soon then this will help you find these locations, and don’t worry if you have not seen this episode yet as there are no spoilers.

Here we go and with links to download our free maps showing the different locations…

  • The dramatic clifftops of Butter Hole, near Stepper Point, were used as the filming location for the scene where Sam, Drake and Demelza were talking early on in the episode. This stretch of the South West coast path offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the North Cornwall coast and Atlantic Ocean. To find out more about the coast path and this area please click here.

Butter Hole next to Stepper Point was used for the opening clifftop scene in this episode

  • The scene where Ross exits a mine is filmed on the clifftop at Botallack.  More information about this popular and spectacular clifftop location with the former tin mines can be found here.
  • The beautiful location of Butter Hole features again in this episode as  Ross meets Dwight on horseback on the clifftop. To find out more about the coast path which offers spectacular views towards Mother Iveys Bay and Trevose Head please click here.
  • We then return to the Cornish filming location of Botallack as we see Ross and Zacky walk to the old mine shaft.  This clifftop location of Botallack with the iconic former tin mines standing proud in the cliffs features as the fictional location of Wheal Jane. More information about Botallack can be found here.

Botallack in West Cornwall

  • There are several exterior shots of Nampara Cottage featured throughout this episode as events unravel at the home of Ross and Demelza. For more information about Bodmin Moor and this beautiful Cornish location near the building used as the exterior of Nampara Cottage click here.
  • Ross, Cecily Hanson and Geoffrey Charles travel in the horse-drawn carriage across Bodmin Moor. This vast area of remote and beautiful moorland is home to the two highest Cornish Peaks, Rough Tor and Brown Willy, both boasting breathtaking views of the moors. For more more information and a free map of the area click here.
  • The aerial footage later in the episode shows the spectacular coastline at Porth Loe looking down to the Atlantic Ocean. This filming location can be accessed via the coast path from Porthgwarra. Download a free map of the area here
  • The scene in which Ross leaves the mine with Laurent is filmed at Botallack. More information about this clifftop location which is steeped in history can be found here.
  • Dramatic events unfold at the magnificent filming location of Charlestown which depicts Truro Harbour in Poldark. There are some tear-jerking scenes featuring much of the cast including, Caroline, Demelza, Kitty, Cecily and Geoffrey Charles. Ross and Prudie also feature in this scene as do Zacky and Dwight. We won’t say any more because we do not wish to give anything away, however, more information about this beautifully preserved Georgian Harbour can be found here.

Charlestown Harbour used to film the dramatic scene towards the close of this episode

  • The final Cornish location in this penultimate episode is the clifftop at St Agnes Head, featured with Ross and Laurent talking whilst looking out to sea and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. For more information about the local area and South West coast path click here.

We are on the edge of our seats waiting for the concluding episode!

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